Business Partners

General Partner

“Russian Railways” JSC is one of the largest rail companies in the world with huge volumes of passenger and freight transportation. The company has high ratings, qualified specialists in all the spheres of the rail business, extensive scientific and technological basis, project and construction foacilities, experience in international cooperation. 100% of the stock of the company operating the railways network as long as 85,5 thousand kilometers belongs to the RF state. Russian Railways, OAO performs the transportation of 1,06 bln passengers and 1,27 bln tons of freight annually.

Russian Railways, JSC belongs to the top 3 of the leaders of the rail industry of the world.

The major objectives of the company – to ensure the demand opf the state, legal units and the people in rail transportation, work and services rendered by the rail transport, as well as bringing profit.

Strategic objectives of the Company:

  • Increasing the scale of the transport business;
  • Increasing the production and economic efficiency;
  • Increasing the quality and safety of transportation;
  • Deep integration into the Euro-Asian transport system;
  • Increasing financial stability and efficiency.

Official International Partner

DB Group offers globally mobility and logistical services and operates in over 130 countries world-wide.

Every day, about 300,000 employees, of which about 194,000 are located in Germany, are committed to ensuring that customers are provided with mobility and logistical services and that the related rail, road, ocean and air traffic networks are operated and controlled efficiently.

In the Passenger transport division DB Group transports in its trains and busses Europe-wide over 11 million passengers daily. In the Transport & Logistics division around 400 million tons are transported via rail and around 95 million shipments with land transport annually in our European network. In our world-wide networks over 1.1 million tons of air freight and over 1.9 million TEU of ocean freight are transported. The main focus is on developing end-to-end travel and logistical chains across all modes of transport. The company thus meets the changing requirements of the markets, which are increasingly demanding efficient and environmentally-compatible services from a single provider. Deutsche Bahn AG is providing answers to the determining trends of globalization, climate change, and scarcity of resources, as well as deregulation.

During the 2012 financial year DB Group posted revenues (adjusted) of about € 39.3 billion, and an EBIT of a good € 2.7 billion after adjustments for special items.

International Partner

"Ural Locomotives" is a joint venture by the Sinara Group and concern "Siemens AG", incorporated in 2010 in order to implement the companies' partnership in the field of railway engineering.

The manufacturing plant is equipped with the most advanced technological equipment which corresponds to the highest level of industrial engineering.

The Company specializes in manufacturing "Sinara" (2ES6 Series) and "Granite" (series 2ES10), DC freight locomotives, and it continues to increase its output and expand its production range.

In line with the modern requirements on fabricating high-tech products and through close cooperation with JSC "RZhD" (Russian Railways), "Ural Locomotives" promptly managed to achieve success in developing new models of railway vehicles and to start implementing a large-scale project of manufacturing modern passenger electric trains. Currently the Company is starting the production of the "Lastochka" (series ES2G) electric train prototype.

One of the principal building blocks of the company's success is its highly professional staff, capable of generating and implementing the most bold engineering solutions and ideas.

Strategic Partner

JSC "Kaluga plant" Remputmash "- the largest Russian supplier of railway machinery for JSC" Russian Railways ". JSC "Kaluga plant" Remputmash "- is the leading company of the PRM Group, bringing together more than a dozen companies engaged in the manufacture and overhaul of sophisticated railway machines and special vehicles.

PRM Group - one of the world leaders in terms of production of track machines for construction, repair and maintenance of railways.
JSC "Russian Railways" has traditionally been a strategic partner of the Group.

PRM Group, with extensive service network throughout the length of railways of Russia, addressing a wide range of manufacturing tasks:
- Manufacture and repair of complex high-performance track machines of the new generation, ensuring efficient technology of repair and maintenance of rail,
- Production and overhaul of mining and park car retarders,
- Production of railway hydraulic equipment.

General Construction Company

JSC “RZDstroy” is one of the leading companies in the transport industry market. In terms of sales volume of constructional services it ranks as one of five largest Russian companies. 

JSC “RZDstroy”  is a construction and industrial enterprise of federal scale providing contract works all over the territory of Russia – from Kaliningrad on the West to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk on the East. The Company organizational structure embodies 16 construction and mounting enterprises which manage locally scattered specialized enterprises – construction trains and construction departments,   2 specialized affiliates and the special projects directorate – a separate subdivision created for organization of 2014 Winter Olympics facilities construction. 

For years of activity the company commissioned over 1120 km of tracks, reconstructed 1148 stations and platforms, constructed and reconstructed 320 bridges, 5 249 km of power supply lines, 15 144 km of communication, signals and interlocking lines, 257 railway terminals and depots, and industrial and civil facilities. 

The important part of long-term strategy of “RZDstroy” is implementation of innovations. Modern technologies enable the company to increase labor productivity and efficiency while conserving high quality of performed works. Development of high-speed lines provides a powerful impetus for implementation of innovations. 

JSC “RZDstroy” is participating in realization of “Strategy of railway transport development in Russian Federation until 2030”. Realization of major projects of state importance is the guarantee of high quality level of performed works.


LLC RUSENERGOSBYT was established in 2002 by ESN Group and the European energy holding ENEL.  The core competitive advantage of the Company is based on a synthesis of advanced European experience and profound knowledge of the Russian power market. Today RUSENERGOSBYT is one of the largest energy providers in the Russian Federation. 

The company supplies electricity to more than 60 regions from Saint Petersburg to the Far East. RUSENERGOSBYT operates as a Guarantee Supplier in the territory of 18 constituents of the Russian Federation. 

Clients portfolio of RUSENERGOSBYT consists of more than 200 thousand customers including strategic corporations, small and medium enterprises, residentials. Among RUSENERGOSBYT key clients – JSC Russian Railways, JSC KAMAZ, GAZ Group, OJSC SOLLERS, retail chain MAGNIT.

The key business objective of RUSENERGOSBYT is to minimize client payments for electricity and to develop an extensive infrastructure for supporting long-term relations with customers.


EVRAZ is a vertically integrated steel, mining and vanadium business with operations in Russia, Ukraine, the United States, Canada, the Czech Republic, Italy and South Africa. EVRAZ is among the top 20 steel producers in the world based on crude steel production of 15.9 million tonnes in 2012. A significant portion of the company's internal consumption of iron ore and coking coal is covered by its mining operations. The Group is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE. EVRAZ employs approximately 110000 people. 

Our principal activities are:

  • Manufacturing and selling steel and steel products
  • Iron ore mining and enrichment 
  • Coal mining  
  • Manufacturing and selling vanadium products
  • Trading operations and logistics 


  • One of the most vertically integrated global steelmakers
  • One of the lowest cost global steel producers
  • The market leader in construction steel products
  • The leading global supplier of steel rails
  • One of the world leaders in the production of vanadium
  • Globally diversified across a range of geographies

We are a global steel and mining company delivering value to our infrastructure customers. We make the world stronger.


OJSC “Research and Production Corporation “Uralvagonzavod” is one of the biggest Russian machine-building complexes, having highest scientific and technical, and human resource potential.

The Corporation parent enterprise “Uralvagonzavod” located in Nizhny Tagil is a leading manufacturer of the modern railway vehicles in the 1520-mm gauge domain. Every third railway vehicle on the country mainlines is Corporation branded. In total, more than 1,000,000 railway cars were made on the railway car production line of enterprise.

“Uralvagonzavod” implements full-scale program to renovate a range of railway vehicles by designing and launching series production of innovative cars with improved performance. One of the most prospective areas is the use of composites in the railway car body. Presently, the Corporation is completing two hopper car prototypes with composites as basic element of body and lift-off cover.

Innovative is gondola car, model 12-196-01 with enhanced axleload of 25 ton-force and multifunction vehicle TMB-2.            

The further development of “Uralvagonzavod” is related to qualitative growth by non-stop innovations and production of railway vehicles, improving safety and operational efficiency of the whole railway transport of the 1520-mm gauge domain.


Open Joint Stock Company "Federal Freight Company" (OJSC "FFC" is a subsidiary of OJSC "Russian Railways") has started its business activities in 2010.

The core activity of OJSC "FFC" is provision of its own rail rolling stock for transportation as well as transport, freight forwarding and other services. Net profit of the company for 2012 amounted 24 billion rubles, which is by 60% more than in 2011. The wagon fleet of OJSC "FFC" has more than 165 thousand units of rolling stock.

OJSC "FFC" provides covered wagons and gondola cars on the basis of public offer. In the near future this service will spread to the flat cars as well.

14 branches of OJSC "FFC" operate on the whole range of Russian railways. Representative offices of OJSC "FFC" have been opened in Ukraine and the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Official Sponsor

VTB Group includes VTB Bank as well as credit and finance subsidiaries in which it holds more than 50% of voting shares. VTB Group operates a unique international business network — the largest among Russian banks — including over 30 banks and financial companies in over 20 countries. VTB offers its clients comprehensive services in the CIS, Europe, Asia and Africa. VTB is the second largest bank in Russia in terms of all major indicators.

Services to corporate customers have been underpinning VTB Group business throughout its history. Corporate investment business is the main segment of the Russian banking market and a key line of the Group’s activities.

VTB Group has been successful in competition with Russian and international players for servicing major corporations. Our presence in various financial segments allows us to offer comprehensive and sophisticated solutions to our customers.

Our services to large corporate customers are based on industry specialisation. We thoroughly research the structure of each economy segment, its key players, trends and requirements. This approach enables us to enhance and optimise our terms of service, as well as to maintain a single credit, interest and fee policy.


Joint Stock Company “RZD Trading Company” (JSC “RZD Trade”) is specialized in international economic activities and acts as a trade representative of Joint Stock Company “Russian Railways” (JSC “RZD”) on international markets. The company supplies subsidiaries of JSC “RZD” with rolling stock, as well as with other material and technical resources.  The company’s activities are certified in compliance with ISO 9001:2008.
Today Joint Stock Company “RZD Trading Company” is well known for high competence, efficient business processes and reliable relations with producers and consumers of railway products in Russia and abroad.

General IT Partner

Closed Joint-Stock Company TransTeleCom (TTK trade mark) was founded in 1997. Its main shareholder is “Russian railways“. TTK operates and services one of the largest fiber network in Russia, which is owned by “Russian railways“, is more than 76 000 km long and has the bandwidth capability up to 1,5 Tbits/s.

TTK provides all railway-related telecommunication resources required by the “Russian railways“. In addition TTK implements large-scale telecommunication projects and introduce a full range of telecommunication services for other state companies, large commercial corporations and end-users.

TTK actively operates on the international market. The transcontinental backbone TTK EurasiaHighway connects to communications networks in almost all of Russia’s neighboring countries, including China, Japan, Mongolia, Finland, and the Baltic and CIS countries, and is the optimal link route between Europe and Asia.

Sponsor of the lobby bar

        OJSC Stroy-Trest is part of SK MOST Group of Companies which encompasses 15 bridge construction branches and 7 tunnel subdivisions.

Starting its operation in 1991 with the major overhaul of sites on the Trans-Baikal Railway, today the company performs work in construction and reconstruction of rail and car roads, large and small bridges, tunnels, subways, ports and berths, hydraulic structures, runways, residential and office buildings.

There are more than 20000 specialists working in subdivisions of SK MOST Group today. The company owns over 5000 units of special construction equipment.

The ongoing projects of SK MOST Group of Companies are: construction of a joint (motor and rail) road from Adler to Krasnaya Polyana, construction of the subway section in Moscow, reconstruction of  Roki Tunnel, construction of new Obluchensky Tunnel.


United Wagon Company incorporated in 2012 to manage Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant and RAIL1520, an operating lessor.   

United Wagon Company’s aim is to develop an integrated provider of railway services, including the manufacturing, operating lease, engineering and maintenance of freight cars. Its strategic objective is to become a leader in the 1520 gauge region.    

Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant was launched in 2012. It produces a number of freight car types on the basis of a new generation design of Barber bogie. A widespread introduction of these freight cars will help to set a new industry standard for Russian railway transport. At its full capacity the Plant will produce around 13,000 new generation freight cars, 90,000 tonnes of railway castings and 65,000 wheel sets annually. 

Operating lessor RAIL1520 was incorporated in 2011 and has become a fast growing operator in the market for long-term leasing of freight cars. The company’s fleet is currently 6,000 freight cars. RAIL1520’s objective is to expand its leasing operation to 60,000 railcars by 2016 and to become a leading player in the operating leasing market of rolling stock in Russia. 

The combination of a freight car manufacturing plant and an operating lessor, to be later complemented with in-house maintenance and engineering operations, will create a significant synergy and will help United Wagon Company to provide its customers with integrated complex solutions for railway transportation.


BaltTransServis LLC was established in 1999 in St.-Petersburg as a part of group "GlobalTrance". BaltTransServis, LLC is one of the largest private operator-companies specializing on bulk-oil cargo railroad transportation in Russia, the CIS and Baltic countries. BaltTransServis, LLC has 1 branch – car-repair depot in Ivanovo and 8 representative offices in Moscow, Ryazan, Yaroslavl, Voronezh, Samara, Murmansk, Kaliningrad and Dno. 

Among the company’s clients there are the largest oil-companies, such as OAO "TNK-BP", OAO " Gazprom Neft", OAO " Rosneft ", OAO «TAIF-NK » and a number of leading domestic and foreign traders of oil cargo.

BaltTransServis, Ltd maintains bulk-cargo transportations by privately-owned train-formations on ranges of five railways – Northern, Moscow, October, Estonian and North-Caucasian rw. 

"BaltTransServis", LLC operates own train-formations on the routes of Russian Railways - North, Moscow, October, Kuibyshev, North Caucasus, South-East, Kaliningrad, as well as on the railways of Estonia and Latvia.


TransContainer is the subsidiary of Russian Railways, operating in the rail container market since 2006.

Nowadays TransContainer is the leading intermodal container transportation company in Russia. We own and operate more than 24,000 flatcars, about 59,000 ISO containers, a network of rail-side container terminals – located at 46 railway stations in Russia – and operate container terminals in Slovakia and Kazakhstan. The Company controls also of 67% of the shares of Kedentransservice JSC, a leading private operator of a network of rail terminals in Kazakhstan.

TransContainer offers customers integrated container transportation and logistics solutions, including rail container transportation, last-mile truck deliveries, terminal handling as well as customs clearance and other freight forwarding and logistics services.

Section Sponsor

CJSC “Transmashholding” (TMH) – is the major vehicle manufacturing company of Russia. It manufactures diesel & electric locomotives and rail buses, passenger cars and freight wagons, metro cars, diesel engines for different purposes, car casting. TMH performs   repair of electric multiple units, passenger cars and metro cars. The company is a key supplier of rolling stock for the JSC Russian Railways.

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The OJSC Russian Corporation of Transport Machine Building (RCTM) Holding company is one of leading producers of the railroad freight rolling stock.

The main capacities of RCTM are concentrated in Mordovia and Khakassia Republics. The perimeter of the Corporation includes: OJSC “Ruzkhimmash”, LLC VKM-Steel, OJSC “Abakanvagonmash”, O JSC “Vismut”, OJSC “Neon”, LLC “VKM-Service”, LLC “RCTM-Trans” and CJSC “VKM-Engineering”. The main RCTM shareholder is the “Russian Machines” Company.  The assets are managed by LLC “RCTM Holding UK”.

At present, the RCTM Corporation produces more than 50 models of freight railroad cars, as well as railcar casting. The product line is constantly renewed by innovative cars with improved operational characteristics, and by special modern cars.

Working in close cooperation, the enterprises of the Holding are capable of providing full freight car building service cycle, from design development and railcar production to their after-sale service and depot repairs, as well as carrying out leasing transactions and logistics.

Section Sponsor

Cotton Way Group is one of the largest network in Russia, providing rental services and professional care of textile products. 

The Company was established for the purpose of carrying out of the complex investment programs on modernisation of the enterprises of passenger trains service of JSCo «RZD». The key project of the Group is created on the basis of an infrastructure JSCo «RZD» network of hi-tech industrial complexes, providing processing of the bed accessories and soft carriage property, equipment and preparation of passenger trains. 

At the expense of own investment resources there are created 11 hi-tech laundry complexes for textile processing and 27 modern multi-service centers in Central, North West, North Caucasian, Privolzhsky and West Siberian federal districts. To date, the company's customers are JSC "Russian Railways", the Ministry of Defense, large hotels and fitness centers, hospitals.

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Insurance Company ZHASO is one of the largest Russian insurance companies, the leader of ZHASO insurance group. Being a universal company, providing a full range of insurance services for individuals and companies, Insurance Company ZHASO  has a reputation of as a reliable partner and consistently ranked as one of the leaders of the Russian insurance market, since its inception in May 1991.

Insurance Company ZHASO today:

  • reliable and transparent insurance organization, forming its records in accordance with Russian statutory accounting requirements of the Federal Service for Financial Markets and the International Financial Reporting Standards;
  • 195 sales offices, located in 67 Russian regions throughout the country, from Sakhalin to Kaliningrad. ZHASO has one of the largest agency networks in Russia;
  • competitive insurance market participant, responsive to the needs of its customers - both individuals and companies, constantly introducing new technologies into the business processes of insurance.

Sponsor of registration

UCL Rail was founded in 2010 with a scope of consolidation and development of the railway assets of UCL Holding, an international transport group, which also includes ports of the North-West and the South of Russia (UCL Port), shipping and shipbuilding companies (VBTH), and logistics assets.

UCL Rail includes the largest private rail operators – JSC "Freight One" and LLC "Independent Transport Company", and Gryazi railcar repair depot, a joint venture with JSC Russian Railways.

UCL Rail arranges cargo transportation on the whole railway network of Russia and on international routes within the 1520 mm area.

UCL Rail owns the biggest fleet of rolling stock in Russia of 209 thousand freight railcars including over 112 thousand gondolas and over 55 thousand tank cars. UCL Rail branches are located in 14 cities of Russia, as well as in Ukraine and Finland. It’s balanced client portfolio includes about 5 thousand companies, 80% of which are leading industrial enterprises of Russia. UCL Rail caters for freight transportation needs of the largest companies working in the segments of drilling and production of oil and gas, metals, as well as industrial enterprises.