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Vladimir Yakunin, Russian Railways

Dear participants, organisers and guests of the IX International Rail Business Forum “Strategic Partnership 1520”, I am delighted to welcome you at the hospitable Olympic city of Sochi!

The modern world and the context of our life which we must take into account set an extraordinarily complex agenda before us: economic instability, political crisis in Ukraine, conflicts in the Middle East. For the most part, the reason behind these trends lies in the lack of willingness to regard the interests of others and the determination to prioritize own goals.

Here, at our railway Forum, it is not customary to politicize mutual relations - we seek to remain good friends and at all times reckon with the interests of our partners and clients. For this reason we always focus on finding a balance of ideas and concepts, which would unite all the topics suggested for discussion: those of a global nature, related to the cooperation between various countries and continents, as well as the local ones, technical in their character.

Dear colleagues! I encourage you to actively participate in the forthcoming dialogue. I am confident that the vision for a set of joint actions, which shall be composed as a result of the Forum, will become a powerful imperative for our successful development. I would like to express my wish that all the participants enjoy a fruitful engagement in the work of the Forum and succeed in establishing beneficial contacts.

Vladimir Yakunin
 Russian Railways

Vladimir Yakunin, Russian Railways

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