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Dr. Jochen Eickholt, Siemens AG

Siemens warmly welcomes visitors and participants to the IXth International Rail Business Forum 1520 Strategic Partnership!

We are especially pleased to once again be serving as an International Strategic Partner of this vital international Forum. We believe the Forum is an extremely effective platform for cultivating a focused dialogue among all participants of the 1520 railway market and for fostering the development of long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships.

At this Forum we will be talking about forming a new integrated railway system and about implementing major projects to further develop 1520 area transport potential. We fully support these developments. The main themes here will be energy efficiency, innovations, the training of highly qualified personnel, establising high-speed and local public transport, intermodality, and environmentally compatible technologies.

We feel that the intensive sharing of experiences and discussions of specific actions at the Forum will undoubtedly contribute to the successful development of large-scale strategic partnerships in the railway sector across Eurasia.

Siemens is at the Forum looking to make substantial contributions to the formation of such partnerships.

Our cooperation with participants in the 1520 railway market has become multi-faceted over time, and is now a key part of our strategy for promoting the creation of an integrated transport system in Eurasia.

A number of major projects have been successfully implemented in collaboration with JSC Russian Railways. For instance, everyone is talking about the high-speed Sapsan trains that have already transported more than ten million passengers, the impressive technical reliability of the Lastochka (Desiro RUS) electric regional trains, and the successful operating record of our 2ES10 Granit locomotive that has been in service since 2011.

Large-scale rolling stock and railway infrastructure projects closely tie Siemens to our Kazakhstan partner Temir Zholy. In addition, we are developing cooperations with the railway authorities in Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Belarus and other 1520 countries.

I wish all Forum visitors and participants a constructive dialogue, fruitful contacts, and success in forming strong partnerships for realizing future 1520 projects!

Dr. Jochen Eickholt
Chief Executive Officer
Rail Systems Division

Dr. Jochen Eickholt, Siemens AG

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