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Alexander Tkachev, Krasnodar Region Administration

<p><strong>Ladies and Gentlemen,<br>
It  is my pleasure to welcome the participants in the Ninth International Rail  Business Forum “1520 Strategic Partnership” in Kuban.</strong></p>
<p> The  Krasnodar Region is always open to dialogue with Russian and foreign businesses.  The region offers a vast array of investment opportunities. It has a unique  geopolitical location, rich natural and recreational resources, a developed  transport infrastructure and a most favourable environment for investment  projects and business development. Attesting to this are hundreds of successful  large-scale projects, including the preparation and holding of the Sochi 2014  Olympics, construction of major seaport terminals and residential estates,  creation of farming and manufacturing clusters, construction of a Formula-1  circuit, holding of the 2018 FIFA World Cup and launch of unique travel  facilities.</p>
<p> Doing  business in our region is safe and profitable. The list of strategic partners  of the Krasnodar Region includes Russian and foreign investors and global  business leaders, such as Russian Railways JSCo. Many of them have become good  friends of our region and have successfully operated here for years.</p>
<p> Now  that the economy of the Krasnodar Region and the entire country is rapidly  growing, it is the restoration and development of railway services — the main  prerequisite for successful integration in the former Soviet Union — that constitute  an increasingly important challenge on our agenda. Therefore, I wish all the  participants in the Business Forum “1520 Strategic Partnership” fruitful work  and exciting new projects and effective solutions. Welcome to the Krasnodar Region!</p>
<p class="righted">
    <strong>Alexander Tkachev<br>
Head (Governor)<br>
Krasnodar Region Administration</strong></p>
Alexander Tkachev, Krasnodar Region Administration

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