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Uģis Magonis, Latvijas dzelzceļš

Today we live in the era of change – along the global geopolitical changes, the whole world is also influenced by a rapid technological progress and the change in its related values. Therefore, it is especially important to maintain those stable and significant values, which have helped the humans of all eras to survive and successfully evolve. One of those values certainly is business cooperation.

Already for 10 years the forum “Strategic Partnership 1520” gathers the railway companies from 1520 mm track gauge area, and the entrepreneurs, who have chosen the way of mutual understanding and cooperation. The right choice resulted in the viability of the forum and regular meetings, as well as good work performance over a number of years.

The economic situation in the world today is not easy - especially in the region of Eurasia. As always, economic recession or stagnation is reflected also in the transport sector, which consequently reduces the volume of transportation.

Despite the current difficult situation, we – people employed in railway sector - are looking at the future with cautious optimism, because we believe that through our past cooperation experience we can strengthen the competitiveness and development of 1520 mm railway area.

I wish us a successful cooperation for many years in the future!

Uģis Magonis
Latvijas dzelzceļš 

Uģis Magonis, Latvijas dzelzceļš

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