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Dr. Jochen Eickholt, Siemens AG

We, at Siemens, are very much looking forward to meeting all the members and participants of this year’s 1520 Strategic Partnership Forum in Sochi once again!

In 2015 the Forum celebrates its 10th anniversary. Siemens will welcome all the guests to the Forum 1520 Strategic Partnership of the international rail business!

This year we will provide a summary of the results of ten years of successful cooperation and will set priorities for our future cooperation in a constantly changing economic environment.

From our very first day as a participant and supporter of the Forum, Siemens has been a reliable partner. In fact, we are convinced that the Forum is extremely valuable for substantial and comprehensive dialog and strategic cooperation to the benefit of all the stakeholders involved.

This year we will discuss mega-projects, infrastructure development, service, and development of surrounding areas.

Specific steps will be defined during the Forum in order to develop a large-scale strategic partnership in the railway industry at the Eurasian level. Siemens aspires to contribute to extending the 1520 corridor.

I look forward to fruitful cooperation during this special event and wish all the guests of the Forum successful partnerships in future projects!

Dr. Jochen Eickholt
CEO Mobility Division
Siemens AG

Dr. Jochen Eickholt, Siemens AG

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