Strategic Partnership 1520

The Strategic Partnership 1520 (SP1520) is a bespoke international forum dealing with rail issues and is the largest business meeting of all major stakeholders across the wide gauge area.

The SP1520 is about fostering a joined-up approach to the development of rail sector across 1520 to make sure it is on the leading edge of freight and passenger transportation in the world over.

The forum aims to reach systemic solutions for the most important operating issues in the rail complex: optimization of transport process, modernization of transport infrastructure, attracting investment, and the production of modern rolling stock.

Each year the SP1520 welcomes around 1400 specialists from over 30 countries. The audience is made up of leading transport companies from Russia, the CIS and the European Union: national rail carriers, rolling stock operators, producers of rail technology, logistics, leasing, insurance and freight forwarding companies.

Senior figures from international rail organizations, the European Commission's Directorate General for Mobility and Transport, and a wide range of experts in economic policy, banking operations and international relations make a significant contribution to the contents of the forum.

The SP1520 is home to signing ceremonies for major international agreements on the strategic development of the wide gauge system, along with contracts for the supply and servicing of rail equipment.

The forum is proud to be supported by more than 20 leading rail companies which contribute to the SP1520 as partners. The line-up of our key sponsors includes Russian Railways, Deutsche Bahn, Siemens, UralVagonZavod, and United Wagon Company.

Annually the forum is covered by over 250 journalists from both Russian and international media. The forum boasts lively reports that are broadcasted on Russia's federal TV channels -ORT, NTV and Rossiya.