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“Strategic Partnership 1520” is a unique platform of communication designed to help business relationships be maintained, established and developed everywhere in “Area 1520”. The Forum has been held since 2006. The Forum has an important regional component. One of the broad gauge countries hosts the Forum every year.

The main idea of the Forum is to advance interests of “Area 1520” in the Eurasian region. The Forum is aimed at discussing the most actual problems facing a transport and logistics complex of a specific region of “Area 1520”. 

The business program of the Forum addresses the widest range of themes and aspects of railway business such as logistics, rail – water, container carriage.

Earlier the Forum was held in Kazakhstan, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Latvia, Estonia. In 2014, the Forum was held for the first time in China. 

The previous regional forums have shown the need for such meetings and proved beneficial to strengthening the partnership between the key players and increasing effectiveness of the transport and logistics complex of the Eurasian transport system.

The issue of international transport corridors will be discussed within the framework of the forthcoming Forum. Organization of multimodal transportation on the North – South route will be the main focus of attention. Also, the issues of railway infrastructure construction, rolling stock production, logistics chains formation are on the agenda of the Forum.

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Business Dialogue is a national event operator specialising in organising and holding business events.

Since 2005, the company has run both local (over 100 participants) and large–scale (over 1,000 participants) multi-industry projects for leading Russian and international companies, public organisations and government agencies.

Business Dialogue’s portfolio includes over 100 forums and conferences and over 70 exhibitions.

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