ÖBB and RŽD confirm their intention to cooperate at the International Railway Forum "Strategic Partnership 1520: Central Europe" in Vienna

Vienna, 21st February 2018 - Within the framework of the Forum 1520, which took place from 20.-22. February in Vienna, ÖBB's CEO Andreas Matthä and Oleg Belozerov, Chairman of the Executive Board and Director General of Russian Railways RŽD, confirmed their intention to further cooperate, and signed an amendment to the 2011 Cooperation Agreement. The agreement, signed in the presence of the Austrian Minister of Transport, Innovation and Technology, Norbert Hofer, and the Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation, confirms their continued cooperation in areas such as personnel capacity, passenger and freight transport, innovative technologies and infrastructure as well as the joint efforts to connect the Vienna-Bratislava region to the Russian broad-gauge network.

"With this agreement, Vienna will become the interface of international transport routes: The New Silk Road and the Trans-European Network." The new broad-gauge link will be an axis of peace and prosperity that will benefit the generations to come, and the approval process in Austria has already begun. We hope that we can complete the construction phase by 2033, "said Federal Minister Hofer confidently after the signing. Russian Transport Minister Sokolov also showed himself pleased with the joint cooperation agreement and pointed out the benefits that the expansion of the wide gauge network will bring to Vienna: "This joint project will make freight transport to the heart of Europe faster and more convenient for freighters and consumers. Last but not least, the project also serves to facilitate the cultural exchange between our peoples on the Eurasian continent. "

ÖBB CEO Matthä had already pointed out the importance of cross-border cooperation in advance: "Close cooperation beyond state borders is indispensable today in order to position the rail system efficiently and attractively in future compared to other modes of transport."

In addition to the agreement between ÖBB and RŽD, further cooperation agreements between the logistics companies RailCargo Austria and TransContainer as well as between RailCargo Austria and United Transport Logistics Company (UTLC) were signed within the framework of the forum.

The International Railway Forum SP1520 is organized by the company Business Dialogue in main partnership with ÖBB-Holding AG and Russian Railways (RŽD).

"Strategic Partnership 1520" is an international Business Forum established with the aim of pooling and coordinating the efforts of the players in the Eurasian transport market to create a holistic infrastructure in international transport corridors and to contribute to the development of efficient transport solutions for the carriage of passengers and passengers freight.

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