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Vladimir Yakunin
Russian Railways
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Askar Mamin
Kazakhstan Railways
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Petr Baskakov
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Forum Team

The Forum organizer is Business Dialogue company. We are happy to answer all your questions and take into consideration your comments when preparing our events.

Executive Director of the Forum

Evgenya Ignatova Evgenya Ignatova

Deputy Executive Director of the Forum

Adilya Kasymova Adilya Kasymova

Development Director of the Forum

Анастасия Бакулина Anastasya Bakulina

For participation and sponsorship of the Forum

Marina Polyanskaya Marina Polyanskaya
+7 (495) 988-18-00

For speaking at the Forum

Ruslan Gusev Ruslan Gusev

For Mass Media

Maria Rudneva Maria Rudneva 
+7 (495) 988-28-01

For Accomodation

Ksenya Yaschenko Ksenya Yaschenko 
+7 (495) 988-28-01