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Welcome letters

Аскар Мамин, президент АО «НК «КТЖ» 

Askar Mamin, Kazakhstan Railways

Dear participants in the III International Rail Business Forum “1520 Strategic Partnership: Central Asia”.

The Central Asian region is one of the most important links in Eurasian trade, ensuring that the ever-increasing amounts of freight on the East-West and North-South routes are delivered and reviving the best traditions of the Great Silk Road. The growing strategic role of Kazakhstan in the trans-Eurasian transport process is becoming increasingly obvious.

In accordance with the instructions of Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the national company Kazakhstan Temir Zholy [Kazakhstan Railways] is undertaking large-scale infrastructure projects, and also the “Kazakhstan – the New Silk Road” project, which are aimed at strengthening our country’s transit potential and at establishing it as the biggest logistical hub in the region.

International transport routes are actively developing, as a result of both the construction of new railway lines and the improvement of existing routes and the technical re-equipment of infrastructure facilities.

At the same time, the success of such initiatives would be impossible without the coordinated actions of our partners in the whole “1520 perimeter” area.

It is a matter of having a single vision for the development of international transport corridors, of developing and adopting agreed tariff conditions as part of instituting cross-border rail services, and of creating “seamless” freight transport between railway systems with different gauges.

I am sure that this forum will help us to fulfil these objectives by consolidating the interests of all those involved in the transport services market and by creating strong business partnerships.

It is my pleasure to invite you, dear forum participants, to frank and substantial discussions.

Askar Mamin, President, Kazakhstan Railways

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