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Russian Railways
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Welcome letters

Владимир Якунин, президент ОАО «РЖД»

Vladimir Yakunin, Russian Railways

Esteemed colleagues,

The Central Asian region plays a key role in the development of international transport corridors. The rapid economic growth of countries in the Asia-Pacific region and the territorial attraction of their industrial basis towards the borders of the “1520 domain” conjure before us ever new prospects for increasing volumes of freight flows towards Europe, yet at the same time pose most ambitious objectives.

These include the formation of a trans-Eurasian system of container freight transportation services, the construction of modern terminal and logistics infrastructure, as well as the alleviation of various constraining factors in the field of transit transportations.

All of these objectives are broadly endorsed at the highest level by our colleagues within the European Union, which, unconditionally, creates a favourable conjuncture for the implementation of major projects in the field of development of trans-Eurasian railway links.

In this light, I have high hopes for the III International Rail Business Forum “1520 Strategic Partnership: Central Asia”. We need to intensify the efforts of consolidating the competitiveness of the railway transport in the Eurasian trade chain, and this forum will aid us significantly in this endeavor.

I wish all the forum participants to have a fruitful time.

Vladimir Yakunin, President, JSC Russian Railways   

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