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The Championship of workers of railway transport of the Russian Federation in mini-football

Russian Athletic Association Lokomotiv invites you to visit the Championship of workers of railway transport of the Russian Federation in mini-football which will be in Sochi from the 28. to 31. of May. The Championship will be represented by the teams from all sixteen railways of the country from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka.

Mini-football is one of the most popular kinds of sport among rail workers, that is why it is always included in the program of competitions not only of adults Championships, but also children's Championships, as well as among the Championships among the veterans.

The championship is held since 2007. The previous championship was held in Elets in the South-Eastern railway. In 2012 it was decided to expand the geography of the tournament and to organize it in the capital of XXII winter Olympic games in Sochi.

The Program of the Championship is:

May 28. - the day of arrival of sports delegations:
12.00:20.00 - the work of the Commission for the admission to the competition;
21.00:22.00 - technical meeting of the Main referee commission and representatives, the drawing.

May 29. - the first day of the competitions:
10.00:13.00 - preliminary games in subgroups
16.00:16.30 - gala opening ceremony of the Championship;
17.00:20.00 - preliminary matches in the groups.

May 30. - the second day of the competitions:
09.00:13.00 - final games;
16.00:19.30 - final games;
19.30:20.00 - gala awarding ceremony, the closing of the Championship.

May 31. - the day of departure of sports delegations.

For all those who wish will be organized buses from the places of residence to the place of the Championship and back. Departure from the place of residence at 16.00.

Ilya Larin
Mob.: +7 (915) 122-39-21

Nikolai Khomutov
Mob.: +7 (918) 585-53-09