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Media accreditation

Terms and Conditions for Media Accreditation

  1. Media accreditation provides access to all Forum events.
  2. Accreditation will not be given to members of staff who work in marketing, advertising and subscription departments.
  3. Applications take a minimum of five days to be approved. 
  4. In the interests of providing the most comfortable working environment possible, the number of accredited representatives from a single media entity will be restricted to one person.
  5. Accreditation may be granted only upon presentation of an identity document.
  6. The Organising Committee of the Seventh International Rail Business Forum “1520 Strategic Partnership” reserves the right to refuse accreditation for media representatives.
  7.  Media representatives will be given badges of accreditation subject to the approval of the registration application by the Forum’s Organising Committee.
  8. Accredited media representatives are required to do the following:
    • publish information about the activities of the Forum
    • mention the name of the Forum’s organiser – Business Dialogue – in published informational materials
    • include in internet reports a link to the official website of the Forum (;
    • provide the Business Dialogue press centre ( with published material (scanned printed material, links to internet reports)
    • verify the authenticity of reported information
    • produce upon demand documents confirming status as a media representative
  9. Failure to comply with the terms and conditions stated above is sufficient grounds for the Organising Committee to refuse accreditation for future events.

We are more than happy to provide assistance in arranging interviews and making your time working with us at the Forum as comfortable as possible!

Business Dialogue press centre:
Tel: + 7 (495) 988-28-01 (ext. 70407)