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Forum Launch

Forum Launch

The Seventh International Rail Business Forum “1520 Strategic Partnership” opens today in Sochi. The capital of the 2014 Winter Olympics is welcoming Forum participants and guests. The elite of the world transport community has gathered to develop a strategy for the integration of Area 1520 into international economic and trade alliances.

The new strategic document in the transport sphere, “Transport 2050 White Paper”, adopted in March 2011 by the European Commission, carries a message to future generations because of its environmental focus and the clearly expressed role of the railways in developing the transport complex in Europe and the world. Therefore, this year’s forum will be attended by a highly representative European Union delegation that intends to hold a constructive dialogue with the leaders of Area 1520 on the most pressing issues of its integration into the Eurasian transport system.

The new aspects of modern European transport policy have a direct impact on all participants in the transport services market:  infrastructure owners, rolling stock operators, cargo owners and cargo recipients. Transport is an indicator of processes occurring in the global economy. That’s why representatives of the industrial and extractive sectors, bankers, consultants and insurance companies are paying special attention to the Forum.

For Russia, this year was marked by accession to the WTO, which it is joining as a member of the recently established Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. This imposes double responsibility on the Russian railway sector, which acts as the initiator of the unification and cooperation processes in Area 1520. Harmonizing strategies and plans, technical standards and information systems, and strengthening professional and cultural ties among the members of the transport community in the Eurasian space are the tasks that need to be constructively discussed at the Forum. On these issues, representatives of the expert and scientific community will evaluate the ongoing processes and develop valuable recommendations.

New trends in the development of the global transport sector call for a consolidated approach to doing business in all types of transport. Therefore, the development of transport corridors and accompanying infrastructure takes on added significance, along with the development of multi-modal transport, piggyback and container trains. In this situation, competition is elevated to a new level, developing not between different modes of transport but between the most efficient transport products.

Innovation is being introduced today in all sectors of the global economy. The transport complex, including railway engineering, passenger carriage and railway station business, is embarking on a journey to technological heights. The investment climate of the European space is very important for the accelerated development of railway transport renewal. The Forum provides an ideal venue for investors in large-scale infrastructure projects in transport services to exchange views on the ways and means of financing transport projects.

The key partners of the forum are Russian Railways, Siemens AG and Deutsche Bahn AG. The organiser of the forum is Business Dialogue.

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