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One step from a stroke of the pen to trans-Eurasian corridors

The Seventh International Rail Business Forum 1520 Strategic Partnership will be held in Sochi from 30 May to 1 June. The key theme of the event is 1520 Area: A Formula of Growth in a Networked System of Economic and Trade Organisations.

As per tradition, the key forum partners are Russian Railways, Siemens AG and Deutsche Bahn AG. The forum organiser is Business Dialogue.

One of the highlights of the forum will be the Sign UP project, which aims to convey the united message of railway business leaders regarding the need to switch the main cargo flows of Eurasia to railway transport.

The idea of the project reflects the requirements of several fundamental documents in the railway industry, including the strategy for the development of railway transport in Russia for the period until 2030 and the new EU white paper on transport concerning the development of transit shipments, the fulfilment of environmental standards as well as improvements in the technological and operational compatibility of railways with different gauges.

The message will be issued by having the leaders of the largest railway companies and specialised international organisations personally sign the specially built Sign UP wall.

The Sign UP project will demonstrate the solidarity of the interests of the 1520 and 1435 railway areas with respect to the lack of options among the railways to ensure the sustainable development of the Eurasian transport market and will also serve as a signal to take decisive actions in favour of strengthening the potential of trans-Eurasian corridors.

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