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The 7th International Rail Business Forum “1520 Strategic Partnership”

The 7th International Rail Business Forum “1520 Strategic Partnership” is to be held in Sochi from 30 May until 1 June. The key topic is “1520 Space: Growth Formula in the System of Economic and Trade Alliances.”

“1520 Strategic Partnership” is a unique international business forum traditionally attended by over 1,000 delegates, major industrialists and heads of transnational corporations, representatives of the political leadership of European Union countries and the Commonwealth of Independent States, authoritative scientists and financiers and members of civil society.

The 2012 Forum will be attended by a representative European Union delegation headed by Vice-President of the European Commission and European Transport Commissioner Siim Kallas. In 2011, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin discussed with the Forum participants modernisation of the railway sector, development of high-speed transport and implementation of ambitious infrastructure projects.

Traditionally, the Forum’s key partners have been RZD JSC, Siemens AG and Deutsche Bahn AG. The organiser of the Forum is Business Dialogue.

The Forum is an important international discussion venue for coordinating the efforts of players on the Eurasian transport market with a view to forming an integrated infrastructure for international transport corridors and providing the most convenient environment for movement of passengers and freight.

The upcoming Forum will focus on creating a common carriage market within the Common Economic Space and the Commonwealth of Independent States, improving the sector’s performance in the light of implementation of the World Trade Organisation rules and development of interaction with the European Union.

Further information is available from the Business Dialogue press centre: