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Independent Directors

Presidium of the Public Council for Foreign and Defence Policy
Expert board, Opora Russia
General Director  
          ANDREY NECHAEV  
Bank Russian Financial Corporation
   Presidium of the Public Council for Foreign and Defence Policy     
   Born in 1952.     
   In 1974, graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University with a degree in Economics.     
   Between 1974 and 1977, interned with the USSR delegation to the UN.     
   In 1979, defended a candidate dissertation on the topic “The Role and Place of Transnational Corporations in US Foreign Policy”.     
   In 1978-1988, worked at the America and Canada Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences, first as Junior, then Senior Researcher, where he managed a sector.     
   In 1988, became one of the founders of the Europe Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences, in 1989-2010 serving as Deputy Director. His specialisations included the study of the economic aspects of foreign policy, Soviet-American relations, US military strategy, disarmament, and European security.     
   In 1989, defended a doctoral dissertation on the topic “The Role and Place of Western Europe in US Strategy Regarding the USSR (1945-1988)”.     
   Since 2006 - Dean of the Department of World Economics and World Policy of the National Research Institute “Higher School of Economics”.     
   Work for state and public organisations:     
   Since 1991 - member of the Foreign Policy Council of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.     
   In 1993-1999 - member of the Presidential Council of Russia.     
   Since 1993 - member of three Scholarly-Consultation Councils attached to the Russian Security Council.     
   Since 2001 - Advisor to the Deputy Director of the President’s Administration for Foreign Policy.     
   Since 1992 - Deputy Director of the Council for Foreign and Defense Policy; since 1994 - Chairman of the Presidium of the Council for Foreign and Defense Policy, a public organisation that has now brought together more than 180 visible representatives from the business world and mass-media outlets, as well as important politicians and power structure representatives.     
   Since 2002 - founder and Chairman of the Editorial Board of the journal Russia in Global Policy.     
   Since 2004 - member of the Council for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights of the President of Russia.     
   In 2006-2010 - member of the Public Council of the Russian Ministry of Defence.     
   Since 2009 - member of the Expert Council of Vnesheconombank.     
   2009 - member of the Expert Council for Issues of Investment Collaboration and Integration Cooperation with Members of the Commonwealth of Independent States attached to the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia.     
   Since 2010 - member of the Supervisory Board of “International Relations” Publishing.     
   Membership in international organizations:     
   In 1992-2002 - Co-Chair of the Russian-Ukrainian Forum (regular meetings between representatives of the economic and political elite of both countries).     
   In 1994-1995 - Co-Chair (with S.O. Lambsdorf) of the Economic Development Committee of the Commission for Greater Europe (The Chirac Commission).     
   In 1995-2005 - member of the International Consultation Committee of the Council for International Relations (New York), a leading organisation of major American groups concerned with foreign policy.     
   Since 1997 - member of the Trilateral Commission, a leading organisation of US, North American, Western European and Asian elite.     
   In 1999-2005 - member of the Tokyo Club or “Shady Eight”, a permanent confederation for the development of recommendations to G8.     
   2004 - member of the Board of Trustees of Deutsche Bank’s Alfred Herrhausen Society.     
   Since 2004 - Chairman of the Valdai International Discussion Club.     
   In 2007-2009 - member of the International Consultation Council of UniCredit Group.     
   Member of managerial bodies, head of a number of professional and philanthropic organisations and academic boards.     
   Specialisation - foreign and military policy of the USSR/Russia, cooperation between Russia and the West, global society in whole and in the spheres of politics, economics and security.     
   Spring semester, 1991 - assumed the honorary B.A. Rolling chair at Groningen University.     
   Dr Karaganov is the author and managing editor of 25 books and pamphlets. He has published approximately 470 articles on problems of economics, foreign policy, armament oversight, strategies for national security, Russia’s foreign and military policy, and Russian national security. His articles and books have been published in Russia, the US, China, Germany, France, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Singapore, Finland, Denmark, Greece, and other countries (approximately 40 in all).     
   During the mid-1990’s, The New York Times named him one of the twelve most significant specialists in international policy. During the mid-2000’s, leading analytical journals Foreign Policy (USA) and The Prospect (Great Britain) included him in their list of the world’s 100 most influential intellectuals.
   Expert board, All-Russian Public Organization for Small and Mid-level Enterprise Opora Russia     
   Born in 1968.     
   In 1987-1989, served in the Soviet Army.     
   In 1992, graduated from Ordzhonikidze State University of Management with the specialisation “Managerial Organisation of Production in the Machine Industry”.     
   Between 1992 and 1995 - graduate student at Ordzhonikidze State University of Management.     
   Since 1995 - Candidate of Economics.     
   In 1996-2003, occupied leadership positions in banking and commercial organisations, simultaneously pursuing management, scholarship, and teaching .     
   Since 2003 - Doctor, Russian State Social University (RSSU).     
   2005-2007 - Professor and Chair, department of Social Insurance, Russian State Social University.     
   2008-2009 - Scientific Director, Institute of National Strategy.     
   Since 2010 - Chairman, Expert Board Opora Russia.     
   Doctor of Economics (2004), Professor (2006).     
   Professor Krichevsky has participated in the development of a series of legal projects by the State Duma of the Federal Council of the Russian Federation, is a consultant for the state legislative and executive bodies of several Russian regions, and conducts research and scholarship under grants from the Russian government, foreign governments, and social and commercial organizations. He is the author of the textbooks Social Insurance (2007) and Investment Insurance (2005), as well as several monographs and over 200 scholarly and journalistic articles.
   General Director     
   RBC TV     
   Alexander Liubimov is one of the founders of the independent television company VID. A television producer, journalist and broadcaster, he is holder of both the Order of Merit for coverage of the fighting in the Chechen Republic, and the Order of Friendship for his substantial contribution to the development of domestic broadcasting.     
   During his teens, he was drawn to mathematics, politics and sport. By 1984, he had graduated in Economics from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO). In 1996, he took a course at Harvard University, entitled ‘Election campaign manager and political consultant’.     
   He has worked in television since 1987. During this time he has risen up the ranks from correspondent to the first Deputy Director General of the TV channel Rossiya. He is Vice-President of the Academy of Russian Television. Since November 2011, he has been the Director General of RBC TV.
   Bank Russian Financial Corporation     
   Born in 1953.     
   In 1975, graduated with distinction from Lomonosov Moscow State University, majored in Economics with a specialisation in economic cybernetics. In 1978, completed graduate study in Economics at Lomonosov MSU. He then defended a candidate dissertation (at Lomonosov MSU) in 1979 and a doctoral dissertation (at the Academy of National Economy) in 1998.     
   Andrei Nechaev is a celebrated scholar and economist. He is the author or co-author of 25 monographs and over 260 scholarly and journalistic articles on issues relating to economic development and economic policy. He is a member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts, the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, and the International Informatisation Academy. He is also a Professor at Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, having attained the academic rank of Professor in 2002.     
   In 1979-1991, occupied research positions at the Central Economics and Mathematics Institute and the Institute of Economics and Scientific-Technical Forecasting of the USSR Academy of Sciences.     
   In January 1991, was appointed Deputy Director of Research at the Institute of Economic Policy of the Academy of National Economy for the Government of the USSR and the USSR Academy of Sciences.     
   Andrei Nechaev is one of the authors, and an active participant in the realisation of, a programme for market reform in Russia. During his tenure as an employee of the Russian government, he led a series of important undertakings related to economic reform, supported industry, and authored outlines of new structural and investment policies.     
   November 1991 - February 1992 - First Deputy Minister of Economics and Finance of Russia. February 1992 - March 1993 - Minister of Economics of Russia, member of the Presidium, and member of the Russian Security Council.     
   Since 1993 - President of the state enterprise Russian Finance Corporation, which became the Russian Finance Corporation bank in 2005.     
   Andrei Nechaev is well-known for his activity in the public sphere, where he has made a significant contribution to various undertakings related to economic policy, the democratic movement, and the development of enterprise in Russia. He is also active as a public figure, participating in various public organisations, including:     
   Member of the Science Council for the Russian Security Council (1997-2003)     
   Member of the Expert Consultation Council for the President of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation.     
   Member of the Political Consultation Council for the President of Russia (1996-2000).     
   Member of the National Economic Council (1996-2011).     
   President of the International Youth Exchange Fund.     
   Member of the Federal Political Council of the Union of Rightist Forces party (2006-2008).     
   Member of the Federal Political Council of the Right Cause party, Chairman of the Economic Policy Commission (2008-2011)     
   Member of the Board of the Association of Russian Banks     
   Member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Private and Privatizing Industries.     
   Member of the Board of the Moscow Association of Business Owners.     
   Member of the Citizen Initiative Committee.     
   Member of the Coordinating Board of the “Citizens’ Dialog” forum.     
   Member of the Board of Trustees of the Gaydar Fund.     
   Member of the Board of Trustees and Senior Representative of the Moscow English Club     
   Third Court Judge of City of Moscow     
   Andrei Nechaev has received a number of state and public awards, including a medal in honor of the 850th anniversary of the founding of Moscow (1997) and a medal “For Services Rendered in Pursuit of the All-Russian Census” (2003). He bears the title of “Esteemed Colleague of the Russian Ministry of Economic Development and Trade”. He has been awarded a badge by the Goskomstat of Russia “For Active Participation in the All-Russian Census of 2002”, a medal “For Distinguished Service” by the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, a badge in honor of “200 Years of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs”, a gold medal in honor of the 200-year anniversary of the Russian Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, a Certificate of Honor from the Expert Consultation Council for the President of the Accounts Chamber of Russia, and a certificate from the Vice President of the Federation Council of Russia.     
   He is a laureate of both the national public prize “Public Acknowledgement” and the honorary title of “Leader of Russian Economics” for 2003 and 2004, has been awarded the public decoration “Glory to Russia,” the international diploma of Esteemed Certified Accountant and Auditor, an international medal “For Accomplishments in Finance,” and other public awards. The British publication Who’s Who has included him in its list of remarkable people of the 20th century.     
   Andrei Nechaev is a celebrated journalist, appearing in various media outlets to discuss pressing issues of economic development. He was the author and director of the TV Center program “The Money Question” 2001-2006) and the programs “Finance Club” and “The Finance Expert” on the radio station “Lighthouse” (2003-2006), a participant on “Echo of Moscow’s” program “The Credit of Trust”     
   (2008-2011), and an economics expert on the radio stations “Russian Radio - The Lighthouse,” “Russian News Club,” “Echo of Moscow,” and “Business FM,” as well as the television stations NTV, TV Center, REN TV, RBK-TV, and a number of other media outlets. He is a celebrated blogger.     
   Member of the Russian Union of Journalists since 2002. Laureate of the public professional prize in journalism “Russia’s Finest Pens.”