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Welcome letters

Владимир Гутенев, первый Вице-президент союза машиностроителей России

Vladimir Gutenev, the Russian Engineering Union

On behalf of the Russian Engineering Union and myself personally I send greetings to the organisers and participants of the VII International Rail Business Forum “1520 Strategic Partnership”.

The development of transport routes is a prerequisite for integrating Russia into the Common Economic Space. Railway lines link together the vast territory of our country and promote its informational, socio-economic and political unity. The importance of this forum lies in the fact that representatives of the state authorities, Russian Railways, railway engineering companies and business circles are discussing the prospects for developing the railway industry not only on the internal market but also on the international market, putting a big emphasis on international cooperation, especially in the implementation of joint innovative projects.

The Russian Engineering Union gives its wholehearted support to the idea of holding this forum, which is all the more important in connection with Russia’s entry into the World Trade Organisation.

I am convinced that the forum will make it possible to find the most economically strategic ways of including the Russian railway system in the Eurasian transport corridor.

I wish you successful and fruitful work at the Conference!