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Welcome letters

Геннадий Талашкин,  Первый заместитель генерального директора ОАО «РЖДстрой»

Gennady Talashkin, RZDstroy

Dear guests and participants of the VII International Rail Business Forum "1520 Strategic Partnership"!

For the Russian economy the year of 2012 is commemorated with several very important transformations. Starting from January we have become members of the Common Economic Space, in the coming months the ratification of the agreements about Russia's acceding to the World Trade Organization (WTO) shall take place. It is obvious that those changes cannot pass unheeded by the market of railway transportations.

In such a situation the question of transport construction and modernization of rail infrastructure becomes even more sensitive. Qualitative changes in the industry could be achieved subject to support of large-scale implementation of innovative technologies, application of new machinery, materials, advanced engineering solutions.

JSC "RZDstroy" most actively gains advantage of the international experience, aims at acquiring new technologies, practical use of which is considered efficient from both technical and economical points of view. Within the frames of the round table « Railway construction: localising innovative technologies in the 1520 area»  we are planning to give an overview with regard to the latest global trends in the railway construction. This is to express hope that our accumulated experience will be of certain interest and benefit to the "broad" gauge partners. 

I wish to all the participants, guests and organizers of the VII International Rail Business Forum "1520 Strategic Partnership" new business contacts, successful and fruitful work!