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Welcome letters

Д-р Ханс-Йорг Грундманн, вице-президент Siemens AG

Dr. Hans-Jörg Grundmann, Siemens AG

On behalf of Siemens, I would like to welcome the participants and organizers of the 7th International Rail Business Forum “Strategic Partnership 1520”!

This year, Siemens is again serving as an International Strategic partner for the Forum. We are convinced it provides a valuable interface between companies operating in both the 1520 and 1435 areas – and helps pave the way for long-term mutually beneficial partnerships.

We are ready to begin talks today about shaping a new integrated railway system for the 1520 and 1435 areas. Our vision is for this system to be based on energy efficiency, manufacturing cooperation, professional training, the development of high-speed and regional systems, intermodality and green technologies.

Siemens fully supports this integration initiative as well as innovative approaches for its implementation. We believe an intensive exchange of experience will help us reach a better understanding of the practical steps needed to turn our vision into reality. And it will contribute to the success of the strategic partnership between countries as well as companies.

As you all know, the partnership between Siemens and OAO “RZD” is comprehensive and covers a number of areas ranging from locomotives, regional trains and Sapsan high-speed trains to service and maintenance.

Like the other Forum participants, we have many specific goals – and we look forward to constructive cooperation in finding ways to achieve them.

High-speed rail lines are one of the key projects. They would have a strong and positive impact on the country’s transportation infrastructure and the economy in general. Implementation of the project would open major new perspectives for the partnership between Russian Railways and Siemens, as well as between Russian and European businesses in general.

Such a project should involve a maximum number of participants in negotiating and executing the work, and active exchanges of the experiences gained in the project. This type of cooperation would foster a strong and successful strategic partnership between the countries. 

I would like to wish all participants in the Forum constructive discussions and fruitful results!